Opti-Scan 3D is the world's only system that can measure edges in 3D!


Traditionally other 3D scanners such as laser scanners or white light scanners are excellent at measuring object surfaces. However when it comes to measuring holes and edges, they are not so good. These systems tend to measure the size of holes and the position of edges not from measurement data but from the lack of measurement data. Obviously this is a very inefficient way of measuring and inaccurate. The Opti-Scan 3D gets around this problem easily due to the fact that it can be installed onto our 2D measuring system - the Planar. Planar and Opti-Scan 3D together can measure the edges accurately in 3D so that accurate hole sizes can be obtained and the true position of edges can be determined.

Our Opti-Scan 3D measures edges in 3D with actual measurement data, not with the absence of data like other systems. In the sheet metal industry edge measurements tend to be the most important for measuring fold lengths and holes etc... We are the only manufacturer who can provide a 3D scanning system that can truly measure these features.