The Planar inspection system is the worlds fastest and most automated 2D inspection system. 

Zero setup, single click inspection, up to 40 million points in under 20 seconds!


Download Typical Inspection Timeline PDF

Unlike competing systems the Planar machine does not require...

• Does not require any special jigs or fixtures to hold the part.

• Does not require any preprogramming to create an inspection program.

• Does not require DXF flat patterns of the parts. Our software can load in the 3D solid model directly and flatten it in memory to create the nominal 2D shape of the
  blank. Your preferred bend allowances and tooling can be defined.

• Does not require a specialized metrology room. The machine is resistant to changes in temperature and can be retrimmed in seconds.

• Does not require care to be taken when handling the glass surface. Scratches on the glass measuring surface do not affect the accuracy of the machine.
  Furthermore the glass is readily available from most glass suppliers.

• Does not require constant recalibration. The Planar machine does not have any precision moving parts to wear so there is nothing to recalibrate.


The Planar2D measurement system has a large range of sizes accuracies.

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