Measure large objects with high precision right on the factory floor with freedom of movement in 3D without the cumbersome restriction of the traditional arm. With Opti-Probe you can use the system's full working measuring volume allowing you to measure large parts with ease – wirelessly. 

Inspecvision's highly portable next generation optical CMM system is an innovative and dynamic system that is highly flexible and can be configured exactly to your measurement requirements. It is available as a single or multiple camera system that can be used many industries and applications.

We are now ready to release our latest edition of the Opti-Probe system, which offers a small, lightweight and totally wireless handheld probe which is tracked by one of our high resolution cameras. We use much higher resolution cameras than the industry standard which allows us to offer reliable accuracy over the full working volume, at a low cost. For more technical information please download the datasheet below or contact uswith any questions or for a quote.


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Inspecvision optical CMM products are packaged with Delcam PowerInspect software.

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Download our Opti-Scan3D brochure and sample reports using the links below.

Opti-Probe Brochure

Delcam PowerInspect Brochure

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