Opti Probe Key Features

Optical Tracking Technology

Opti-Probe uses optical tracking technology to track the position of the handheld probe in 3D space.

Large Measuring Volume

The Opti-Probe can measure in large volumes of up to 37m³ for a single camera system!

Extendable Measuring Volume/Accuracy

The measuring volume of the Opti-Probe can be extended by simply adding additional cameras.

Portable Device

The Opti-Probe standalone kit is very portable enabling the device to be taken to the part instead of the other way round.

No moving parts

The Opti-Probe contains no moving parts which means simple calibration and almost no maintenance.

Repositioning/Dynamic Referencing

The Opti-Probe system can utilize repositioning techniques for measuring large objects or in awkward areas.

Opti Probe Key Features

* Highly Portable CMM
* Simple & rapid set-up.
* Large Volume measuring & high accuracy.
* No moving parts.
* Simple calibration.
* Minimal training required.
* Robust design.
* Flexible system configuration for accuracy or volume.
* Future extendable measuring volume possible.
* Quick, easy & accurate repositioning.
* Temperature compensation.
* Live accuracy tracking.
* Wireless Operation.
* Possibility for dynamic referencing.
* Excellent price/performance.
* Great return on investment