Planar Applications

Sheet Metal Inspection

A sheet metal inspection and reverse engineering solution using the InspecVision Planar2D - the worlds fastest 2D measurement system


Electrical Laminations Inspection

A lamination inspection solution within the Electric Motors, Alternators and Transformer Manufacturing industries using the InspecVision Planar2D


Gasket and Seal Inspection

A Gasket and Seal Inspection solution for Engine & Pump Manufacturers


O-Ring Inspection

An o-ring inspection solution within the Elastomer Seals Manufacturing industry using the InspecVision Planar2D


In Line Inspection

Measure your parts in-line with Planar. Using CNC robotic arms and specially designed software you can completely automate the inspection process. Please contact us for more information.

Convert Paper Drawings to CAD

Convert paper drawings into CAD files using Planar and optional third party software.