In a few minutes we can scan the visible surfaces of almost any 3D part to create a surface mesh.  This surface mesh can be loaded directly into a 3D CAD package such as Solidworks, Catia or Creo/Pro-E and used as scaffolding to create a solid model.
Alternatively our engineers can create the solid model for you, using advanced filtering and fitting techniques.
Our scanners can also capture the surface texture of an object, which can be useful for archiving and preservation.
Our 3D scanners are portable and can easily measure items up to and larger than 6m, and to accuracies better than 10microns.


In a few seconds we can reverse engineer most parts into a clean DXF which can be used to laser-cut a copy of the part.   Alternatively filtering and snapping algorithms can be used to make the perfect DXF from an imperfect part.
We can even reverse engineer from paper drawings, image files (jpegs/bmps/etc) or pdf files.
Our smaller 2D scanners are portable and have an accuracy of better than 12 microns.  Our large scanners can measure parts up to 6m in size.



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