Because InspecVision develops and manufactures its own 2D & 3D scanning systems our application engineers have an extensive knowledge of the hardware they will be using. We use this knowledge to guarantee high quality 2D & 3D scanning projects, within short time-lines and at competitive prices.

From simple ‘one off’ samples (ISIR), reverse engineering or direct comparison to CAD data, to large-scale volume production, our service will get you through those peak demand periods or staff shortages!

Our in house 2D and 3D scanners can be used for...


    - Reverse Engineering
    - 1st article inspection and ISIR’s
    - Independent third party evaluation
    - Gauge repeatability and reliability studies
    - Production Part Approval Process
      Machine capability studies
    - Conflict resolution
    - Archiving and preservation
    - Best equipment results
    - Reduced overhead costs and lead times
    - Immediate assistance
    - High accuracy, up to 10 microns 2D & 3D scanning
    - Large Volume, up to 6m 2D & 3D
    - On site 2D & 3D scanning


Our engineers are highly skilled and have many years experience across a wide range of sectors including sheet-metal, plastics, electrical, press-work, automotive and aerospace.

We work closely with multi-national organizations and small businesses alike.

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