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German owned Frantzen Discomatic specialise in discs which are used for wear parts in the grinding process. Having invested in a TRUMPF TruLaser laser cutting machine to improve the quality of parts and efficiency of production, quality control and inspection was still proving to be time-consuming and open to human error.

Installing an InspecVision Planar 2D measurement system has resulted in a 200% increase in the number of parts being checked.

" I would buy it again every time. I wish we had bought it sooner. It would have saved us years of messing around with calipers and quality problems."

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Markus Schulz, Managing Director, Frantzen Discomatic GmbH

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Remscheid, Germany



"We want to make sure we always send correct parts to our customers and therefore we want to check them after they have been cut. We use the deviation map option most frequently."

Markus Schulz, Managing Director, Frantzen Discomatic GmbH

Especialistas en el diseño y fabricación de sistemas de medida basados en visión artificial para aplicaciones industriales

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