InspecVision develops and manufactures  2D & 3D scanning systems.

Our application engineers have an extensive knowledge in this field. We guarantee high quality 2D & 3D scanning projects, within short time-lines and at competitive prices. We scan to high accuracy, up to 10 microns and can accommodate large volume, up to 6m.

From simple ‘one off’ samples (ISIR), reverse engineering or direct comparison to CAD data, to large-scale volume production, our service will get you through those peak demand periods or staff shortages! We are always happy to discuss your requirements.

Our in house 2D and 3D scanners can be used for…

  • Reverse Engineering
  • 1st article inspection and ISIR’s
  • Gauge repeatability and reliability studies
  • Production Part Approval Process
  • Machine capability studies
  • Archiving and preservation
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Especialistas en el diseño y fabricación de sistemas de medida basados en visión artificial para aplicaciones industriales

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