Planar 2D

Planar 2D Planar 2D

Planar is a 2D inspection machine that allows manufacturers to simply and quickly verify product quality by performing 2D inspection, CAD comparisons & reverse engineering in seconds.

Product Overview

The system can be used for very quickly measuring or reverse engineering flat parts which have been manufactured on laser, plasma and water jet cutting systems as well as punched and some stamped parts. We have been supplying the Planar system to the sheet metal industry for over fifteen years during which time we have consulted with many major manufacturers to fully understand the requirements expected from our measuring system and integrating these into the Planar.

There are Planar machines installed and operating in more than 30 countries worldwide and the list of countries is growing. Planar customers range from small job shops to multi billion dollar turnover companies covering almost every industry that uses sheet metal such as electronics & communication industries, automotive and aerospace.

Area of Interest (AOI)

The AOI option uses lights above the table to illuminate surface features, which can then by imaged and measured.

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Planar is now fully integrated with QC Calc SPC Software

Planar 2D

Speed & Accuracy

For speed we cannot be beaten by any other competing system. Planar can take up to 40 million measurements in 0.1 seconds. This makes our system the fastest in the world for both inspection and reverse engineering of flat parts. We also have the largest range of available models and accuracies available.

ISO 10360 guaranteed accuracy.


No moving parts to wear or fail. Vibration and scratch proof operation.

Available in a range of sizes and accuracies the Planar can be installed on the factory floor and is easy for shop floor staff to operate helping to cut expensive inspection bottlenecks.

With addition of the OptiScan 3D the system offers unparalleled non-contact 3D inspection capacity.

Planar 2D


Planar Model Accuracy Max Component Size (mm) Max Component Weight (kg)
Shape** SurfScan Length Depth Height
P17.12 12/25μm* 0.1mm 500 333 120 100
P43.100 100/200μm* 0.3mm 810 520 250 25
P70.20 20/40μm* 0.15mm 1000 667 350 50
P110.25 25/50μm* 0.15mm 1276 851 350 200
P150.35 35/70μm* 0.2mm 1500 1000 350 250
P220.35 35/70μm* 0.25mm 1830 1220 350 400
P360.35L 35/70μm* 0.25mm 3000 1220 350 500
P370.50 50/100μm* 0.3mm 2355 1570 350 500

Planar 2D Models

Planar P17.12 from InspecVision

Planar P17.12

Planar P43.100 from InspecVision

Planar P43.100

Planar P70.20 from InspecVision

Planar P70.20

Planar P110.25 from InspecVision

Planar P110.25

Planar P150.35 from InspecVision

Planar P150.35

Planar P220.35 from InspecVision

Planar P220.35

Planar P360.35L from InspecVision

Planar P360.35L

Planar P370.50 from InspecVision

Planar P370.50

Planar P770.35 from InspecVision

Planar P770.35

Planar 2D Model Range

Key Features

Largest Range of Models Available

Planar comes in a large selection of machine sizes. We can measure parts up to 3000mm x 1220mm (118" x 48") or 2355mm x 1570mm (93" x 62") in size at accuracies between +/- 12 microns and +/-100 microns (+/- 0.00047" to +/- 0.0039").

Inspect Parts Quickly and Automatically

Place a part on the table and with a single click or scan of a barcode within 15 seconds the Planar software can produce a full inspection report.

Ultra Fast Reverse Engineering

The world’s fastest system for reverse engineering flat parts.

SPC Integration

Inspecvision Planar systems can be fully integrated with QC Calc SPC software.

3D Scanning Add On

Add 3D scanning capability to Planar with the retro-fittable Opti-Scan3D module.

Optical CMM Add On

Add Micro-Probe option to the Planar for touch probe capability.

O-Ring Inspection

With minimal setup time Planar will in 0.1 seconds measure hundreds or even thousands of o-rings at a time, at 12 microns. The system then help you identify which o-rings have failed by overlaying the results onto an image of the measurement table.

Convert Paper Drawings to CAD

Convert paper drawings into CAD files using Planar and optional third party software.

Typical Inspection Timeline

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Sheet Metal Inspection

A sheet metal inspection and reverse engineering solution using the InspecVision Planar2D - the worlds fastest 2D measurement system.

Electrical Laminations Inspection

A lamination inspection solution within the Electric Motors, Alternators and Transformer Manufacturing industries using the InspecVision Planar2D.

Gasket and Seal Inspection

A Gasket and Seal Inspection solution for Engine & Pump Manufacturers.

O-Ring Inspection

An o-ring inspection solution within the Elastomer Seals Manufacturing industry using the InspecVision Planar2D

In Line Inspection

Measure your parts in-line with Planar. Using CNC robotic arms and specially designed software you can completely automate the inspection process. Please contact us for more information.

Convert Paper Drawings to CAD

Convert paper drawings into CAD files using Planar and optional third party software.

Case Study

Whitwam Precision Components Ltd (WPC) specialise in subcontract CNC component manufacture to the Aerospace industry and currently produce around five thousand components for the aerospace industry every week. Whitwam works “exclusively as a sub-contractor for larger suppliers within the Aerospace Industry”, they have supplied parts that have been supplied to Airbus, Boeing, Hawker Siddeley, Eclipse Aviation, AIM Engineering and Embraer.
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  • Aerospace

    We have many customers in the aerospace industry who use InspecVision technology for their quality control needs.

  • Automotive

    Many in the automotive industry are turning to Inspecvision products to inspect and reverse engineer parts.

  • Cabinets and Enclosures

    Inspecvision products are used globally for measuring all kinds of cabinets and enclosures.

  • Plastics

    Measure plastics with Inspecvision products.

  • Job Shops

    Many small job shops use Inspecvision products to enable them to take specialised reverse engineering and inspection jobs that their competitors cannot.

  • Others

    Energy, marine engineering, woodworking, plastics…


Simple, 3D option to enhance InspecVision’s Planar 2D Measurement System

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