Jin Rong Hua Le Metal Manufactures Co; Ltd, better known as TBK, was established in 2004 in Gao Ming District, close to Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The company specialises in the design, manufacture, sales and service of storage chests, cabinets, tool carts, workbenches and workstations.

Prior to installing the Planar machine, TBK were inspecting parts using calipers and comparing the measurements to the CAD drawing. The company was spending up to 100 hours per week on the measurement process.

“ There were too many items which needed to be inspected from the drawing. The old method could only measure some of these items and some important items would be missing when measured manually".

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Xiao Xiaowei, Quality Control Manager, TBK

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“The Planar increases the speed and efficiency of measurement. We can measure the parts with higher frequency”

Xiao Xiaowei, Quality Control Manager, TBK

Specialists in the design and manufacture of computer vision-based measurement systems for industrial applications

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