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Verona Lamiere are a sheet metal processing company, with welding, cutting, bending and stamping departments. The company is based in Italy and were founded in 1989.

They decided to move away from manual inspection methods to the Planar system as they have “laser and punching machines and work a lot of different parts every day. Simple parts could be checked with traditional instruments however this was not possible for parts with complex shapes and lots of holes.”

“Compared to our old inspection system the Planar machine was not difficult to justify...the Planar machine is easy to use.”

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Stefano Capitanio, Technical Department Verona Lamiere

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“Compared to previous manual inspection method, the Planar machine saves us between 50-70% of the inspection time.”

Stefano Capitanio, Technical Department Verona Lamiere

Specialists in the design and manufacture of computer vision-based measurement systems for industrial applications

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